South Surrey – Vibrant Condo

Our inspiration was “energy” for this project and we strategically injected a bold orange but tempered it with soft blues, greys, and whites to ensure overall balance in the main entertaining rooms. In the master bedroom, we wanted to reflect retreat and relaxation so using the same color palette minus the orange, we layered textures upon textures. In the guest bedroom, we wanted the guests to enjoy a feminine energy so we played with raspberry anchored with our base of whites and greys. Flowing throughout the condo is transitional, classic style with some pops of modern accents to keep the space less contrived and more playful.

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These clients were starting the next chapter in their book – living an inspired life without kids! Although this lifestyle milestone is exciting, it does present itself with emotional challenges as we often have to mentor couples on letting go what no longer works and re-inventing themselves in a way that truly allows them to embrace their heart. During your twenties through your fifties, your children dominate the tone of every decision. With the little ones finally leaving the nest, couples sometimes find themselves in an identity crisis as they find new ways to enjoy their well earned “me” time and re-discover who they are. Throughout our consultations, it became clear our couple was young at heart as they always displayed a vibrant, playfulness to their outlook. They enjoyed color and when we challenged them to embrace new ideas they loved the sense of adventure. The purging of all their “excess” was a cathartic release and the ability to let go created an allowance for a fresh start. 


Upon downsizing from a 2700 sq.ft. home to a new build 1200 sq.ft. condominium, we were seeking help in designing this space. We found the task somewhat overwhelming therefore a designer was important to us. Rachael Smith of Spotted Frog helped us immensely in deriving a comprehensive plan. She was very helpful in offering various themes and visions that we should consider along with both our visions. Her flair for design gave us some interesting decisions to make. To tie it altogether was necessary, and her guidance and professionalism helped us achieve that. Budgets and deadlines were monitored so that we did not go off the beaten track. Her attention to detail was very impressive as was the time frame for all the furniture deliveries. We all want to thank Houng for her contribution and support through the entire process.