Steveston – Bathroom Renovations

Nothing says luxury like waking up in the morning and having your cold toes kiss the radiant heated tiles and then plunging yourself in a beautifully designed shower. You work hard. You give selflessly. You are constantly taking care of others. You give yourself some well earned ME time and surrender to a gentle spray of water and beneath your aching feet you feel the smooth pebbles of river rock. Your mind wanders to a lush, exotic jungle and you let out a deep breath as you imagine yourself bathing in a vivid turquoise colored waterfall. Down the hall you hear your better half softly humming as she slips off to her oasis. Classic marble and a fresh crisp color palette makes her feels like a pampered Princess. She pours herself a bubble bath, a glass of wine and just soaks her worries away. Both are enjoying the moment. When this happens, we know our job here is done.